International & Study Abroad Graduation Sash

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! If you are an international student, or if you studied or interned abroad for Western credit, you are eligible to purchase an international flag sash for graduation.

The sash displays the colors of the flag of your home country or the country in which you completed your study abroad program or internship. The sash can be worn over your graduation gown during the commencement ceremony. This is a great way to proudly display your home country or education abroad experience!

Single or dual country sashes are available; the cost is $42.90 or $52.90, respectively.

This is a wonderful way to commemorate your international experience at graduation!

Young woman in grad gown and sash
Young man with grad gown and sash

Order Information

  • Graduation sashes should be ordered directly through Vision Wear International
  • The code specifically for WWU students to receive free shipping to the IGE office is: WWU2024GRAD (code expires on May 15th, 2024). This code is for office delivery/pick-up only. Order by May 15th to pick up your sash(es) from the ISSS office (Miller Hall 212) on June 6th between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • If you use the code, your order will be automatically shipped to our office. You do not need to enter the ISSS office address manually (leave the checkbox for adding a shipping address unchecked). If you want the sash to be delivered to your home address, do not use the code, but enter your home address instead.
  • Students must use their WWU email address for this code to work.

To be eligible for an international sash you must meet one of the eligibility categories listed below:

1. International Student (Non-US Citizen)

  • One Flag $42.90
    • Home Country
  • Two Flags $52.90
    • Home Country #1
    • Home Country or Host Country #2

2. Study Abroad or International Internship Student (completed a program through Western)

  • One Flag $42.90
    • Host Country
  • Two Flags $52.90
    • Host Country #1
    • Host Country #2

3. Order Confirmation - ** IMPORTANT **

  • After placing your online order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, your order most likely did not get processed. First, check your Junk Mail or Clutter folder. If you cannot locate the confirmation email, please contact Alysa Kaneko at or  360-650-7544.


Order must be placed no later than one month prior to commencement to receive the sash in time.

Refund Policy

Sorry but there will be no refunds, exchanges, or returns. Please check your order carefully as all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Flags from every country are available. See a full list of countries here.

If you were accepted to study abroad or participate in an international experience by Western’s Education Abroad office Western program or external approved program, you are eligible to order a flag sash for graduation.

Yes. Anyone who has gone overseas on a Western international program is eligible to order a flag sash for graduation.

No, the flag sash is specifically for those students that registered their international study or service experience through Western’s Education Abroad office or international students who are receiving a degree from Western.

Yes, if your international experience for undergraduate research was vetted and approved by the Education Abroad office.

No. The flag sash program was created to enable students to represent their international citizenship (i.e. Students who hold a passport from another country) and students who have gone overseas on a Western Washington University international program.

The flag sash is split in half. One half of the flag sash (hanging down one shoulder) is one flag and the second half of the flag sash (hanging down the other shoulder) is the second flag.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions, please email Alysa Kaneko at or call 360-650-7544.