Fulbright Opportunities for Faculty

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. CIES (Council for International Exchange of Scholars) administers the Fulbright Program on behalf of the United States Department of State.

Western encourages faculty to apply for a teaching and/or research Fulbright award. Faculty who combine professional leave and a Fulbright receive their full salary (subject to state laws) in addition to their Fulbright stipend. Faculty who accept a Fulbright award that does not coincide with professional leave receive a “stipend supplement,” whereby their regular salary is reduced, but only by the amount of the Fulbright stipend. For more information about Fulbright leave, please see the Leave page on the Provost's website or contact Austin Cooper.

U.S. Scholar Deadlines (2025-2026)

  • Applications and letters of recommendation due September 16, 2024
  • Letter of invitation due September 26, 2024

Visiting scholars to Western

  • Visiting Scholar Program (deadlines vary)
  • Scholar-in-Residence Program (June 3, 2024)

U.S. Scholar Award Recipients

Kristi Lemm -- Psychology (Hungary, 2023-2024)

Mark Bussell -- Chemistry (Hungary, 2023-2024)

Jennifer Green -- Elementary Education (West Bank and Jordan, 2023-2024)

Brian J Bowe -- Journalism (West Bank, 2023-2024; Jordan, 2018-2019)

Mart Stewart -- History (Vietnam, 2020-2021; India, 2017-2018)

Lina Dahlberg -- Biology (Denmark, 2020-2021)

Bidisha Biswas -- Political Science (Portugal, 2019-2020)

Rebekah Paci-Green -- Environmental Studies (Nepal, 2019-2020)

Arunas Oslapas -- Engineering and Design (Lithuania, 2019-2020)

Sondra Cuban -- Health and Community Studies (Chile, 2017-2018)

Scott Feinberg -- Sociology (Japan, 2013-2014)

Garth Amundsen -- Art & Art History (Mexico, 2006-2007)

Michael Medler -- Environmental Studies (Italy, 2004-2005)

Christopher Wise -- English (Jordan, 2002-2003)

Petra Fiero -- MCL (Germany, 2000-2001)

Scott Linneman -- Honors College (South Africa, 2000-2001)

Peter Haug -- Decision Sciences (China, 1997-1998)


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To join Western's Fulbright Scholar Interest Group or to learn more about Fulbright opportunities, contact Mark Greenberg, Director of Faculty Global Engagement and Fulbright Scholar Liaison