Global Studies Minor

What is the Global Studies Minor?

The Global Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary academic program that invites students from any major to learn about the complexities facing humanity on a global scale and how to contribute to sustainable change. Topics may include global citizenship, transnational migration, globalization, climate change, global justice, human rights, global health, gender equity, and sustainable development and can be adapted to align with your major.

Study Abroad Requirement

One special element of the Global Studies Minor is that it has an applied component—it requires a study abroad experience while pursuing your degree program at Western. The university’s Education Abroad office can help you find programs that are cost-effective and that align with your academic, personal, and professional goals. Programs range in length from a few weeks to a quarter, semester, or academic year—your choice. The Education Abroad team will help prepare you for this experience. Attend a Western Abroad 101 information session to learn more.  

Why is Global Studies Important?

We live in a deeply interconnected world, and we face challenges that will require us to act locally and globally. If we can’t communicate well with each other and don’t understand each other, then it’s less likely we’ll be able to tackle our challenges collaboratively, with humility and mutual respect. The Global Studies Minor provides you with tools to better understand the world, to engage in constructive intercultural communication, and to contribute to greater peace through coursework, study, and people-to-people academic exchange.  

Who Do I Contact to Learn More?

Contact Leah Lippman, Senior Instructor and Advisor for the Global Studies Minor within the Institute for Global Engagement.  

Requirements for the Global Studies Minor

 The Global Studies Minor is a 25-credit program, consisting of the following.

  • 5 credits: Introduction to Global Studies (GLBL 201)
  • 5 credits: Non-English language at the equivalent of 103 or above
  • 4 – 8 credits: Study abroad experience
  • Three upper division electives focused on intercultural/transborder content
    • A list of approved elective courses is under construction; in the meantime, please consult with Global Studies Minor Advisor, Leah Lippman.

Want to Declare an Global Studies Minor?

An Global Studies minor can be declared upon successful completion of GLBL 201, Intro to Global Studies.  Students can initiate minor declaration with this eSign form.