International Studies Minor

About the Minor

The International Studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program with a transnational, global and comparative focus.  An International Studies minor is a relevant and timely complement to any major.

The International Studies minor includes:

  • Global exchange/study abroad
  • Development of language competency
  • Transnational/global academic content.  

Faculty may cross-list their global/transnationally focused courses as INTL or list them as electives in the minor.


The International Studies advisor is Leah Lippman


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students who complete the International Studies minor will demonstrate the ability to analyze and understand global issues from perspectives beyond their own experience.
  2. Students who complete the International Studies minor will demonstrate the ability to think critically about the impact that their own cultural identities have on their world view.

Want to Declare an International Studies Minor?

An International Studies minor can be declared upon successful completion of INTL 201, Intro to Global Studies.  Students can initiate minor declaration with this eSign form.


25 credits to include:

Pre-req. To Declare Minor:

  • INTL 201 Intro to Global Studies, 5 credits

Global Exchange/Study Abroad: 

  • 4-8 credits from an approved study-abroad program, international exchange, or internationally-focused service learning or internship experience.

Language Competency:

  • 4-5 credits in a modern language at 202 level or above; or, 4-5 credits at 103 level or above for less commonly taught languages.

Transnational/Global Electives: 

  • Three upper-division elective courses. Courses must be transnational or global in focus.  Students are not limited to INTL courses, but can draw from global content offered in academic departments across campus.  The following list is an example of possible courses.  This list is not exhaustive.  Please consult with the International Studies faculty advisor to confirm approval of elective courses. 
    • INTL 302 Global Citizenship
    • INTL 312/FAIR312F Globalizations since 1870
    • INTL 334/FAIR 334F International Law
    • INTL 361/ECON 361 Intern’l Economics and Business
    • INTL 397C Transnational Migration
    • ENG 335 - Literary and Creative Expressions Across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America
    • SOC 348 Global Health
    • SOC 397C Gender and Development
    • FAIR 312D - Issues in International Studies
    • FAIR 334B - Transitional Justice
    • FAIR 334C - International Human Rights
    • FAIR 371E - Nations and Nationalism
    • FAIR 413A - International Childhood
    • HIST 301 Topics in Holocaust Studies
    • HIST 326 Immigration in the Americas
    • HIST 369 - Women, Gender, & Sexuality in African History
    • HIST 385 - West African History
    • PLSC 370 Global Issues International Politics
    • PLSC 308 African Political Systems
    • ANTH 336 Perspectives on Africa
    • Or, any upper-division transnational/globally focused course with approval of the faculty advisor for International Studies